Are Tow Trucks Dangerous?

I hear mixed reviews about tow trucks. Some say they are dangerous, others’s say they are a blessing. Naturally, a big vehicle that hauls other cars can be dangerous to those unaware and untrained. If you do not know how to operate a tow truck or behave near one, then yes they are dangerous.

Personally, I think they are harmless IF operated correctly. This issue with this is that a lot of times they are NOT operated correctly, resulting in unsafe conditions. I recommend doing research and figuring out if the towing company you’re looking into does things correctly. If not, I would avoid the situation altogether.

Life is too short to put yourself in risk situations. When dealing with towing companies, besides the immediate dangers from the big machines that haul your car away, you also have to be careful with the characters operating them.

Personally, every time I’ve been in trouble and needed a tow, I’ve had great success with a local towing company in manassas. They’ve always made my towing experience easy and stress free.

Over the years of needing tows, I’ve accumulated some tips that you might find helpful if you find yourself in a similar situation.

Towing Tips:

Do your due diligence, are you hiring a quality company? I know this can sometimes be a difficult task in itself. There are not a lot of towing companies out there who provide good honest work. It seems they are just waiting to screw you over any chance they get.

Read Reviews. I always recommend picking a company with legitimate, positive reviews. If others have had negative experiences, odds are there are reviews stating that. Make sure you ALWAYS check reviews before trusting a towing company with your vehicle.

Proper Equipment. Sometimes towing companies don’t have the proper equipment to handle your vehicle, it’s important to ask questions and make sure they can actually help you or if they are just wasting your precious time. Ask questions!

Let a family member or friend know who is towing you. It’s important to let others know who is helping you out in case of an emergency. It can be dangerous if your whereabouts are unknown. Let someone know that you’re getting help from XYZ towing company, better safe than sorry!

Ask for towing information like a valid driver’s license and insurance. Make sure you’re being helped by a professional and not a criminal. Towing does not have to be stressful or dangerous!

I hope these tips gave you some ideas and information about what to do if you ever find yourself needing a tow. Remember, do your research, even in times of desperate help!

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